We make shipments in Valencia capital, Valencia surroundings and national shipments to the entire peninsula and Portugal. Orders placed on the web will be delivered within 24 hours depending on availability, unless you choose to receive your order on a different date (which you can indicate in the specifications). You can choose morning or afternoon time slots to deliver the order. Our transport service will send you an email informing that your order has been collected and the confirmation that your order will be delivered.

About food

Are our products gluten free?

Yes, all our products are handcrafted using gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, animal-free products and free of any additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients.
Even so, we ask that if you suffer from any allergies, inform us before consuming our products, for a more personalized advice.

Are they sugar free?

Yes, our products are free of any form of refined sugar and are low in fat. They only contain the natural sweet from fruits or dates.

What is the best before date of your products?

All our products are made daily and are intended to be consumed once the product is received. Posdata is not responsible for any damage caused by the consumption of any of our products after the second day of purchase.

Where can I find information about the allergens present in your products?

You can find all the information about allergens in the description of our products or if you need more specific information you can send us an email to


Do you ship to all of Spain?

We ship by courier to the entire Peninsula and Portugal ✈️ (Except PO boxes).

· Check the products available for national shipping on the web.

We also make local deliveries in Valencia, Spain.

Do you have Home Service?

Yes, we have local delivery service only in the city of Valencia and its surroundings.

Delivery area: 25 km maximum distance from our distribution center located at Paseo Neptuno 42-44, 46011, Valencia.

Do I have to pay shipping costs?

Cost of home delivery in Valencia and surroundings:

  • 0 to 15 km: € 3
  • More than 15 km: € 4
  • National and Portugal shipping cost:

  • 6$
  • If you want to pick up your order and save shipping costs, here are the instructions:

    You must place your order on the web and specify the day and time to collect the product, once confirmed you can physically come to pick up your order at: Paseo Neptuno 42- 44, 46011, Valencia

    How long does it take for an order to arrive?

    All orders must be made at least 24 hours in advance and up to 15 days in advance if you are very careful.

    Orders placed before 10am will be delivered the same day from 4pm. Orders placed after 6pm will be delivered the next day, unless you decide to receive your order on a different date (which you can indicate in the specifications).

    The available dates and times are selected in your shopping cart and also and you can choose morning or afternoon time slots.

    Do you have a physical store?

    We do not have a physical store, our concept is called "Dark Kitchen or Blind Kitchen" is a workshop closed to the public.