Refund Policy

We do not refund money, since we make all our products to order exclusively for you.
There are no exchanges or returns of the products after completing the purchase process.

In the event that any product received does not correspond to the one indicated by the customer in his purchase process, has arrived incorrectly in any other way or is delivered in poor condition, the exchange for the same product may be requested. To request this change, the client must contact within a period of no more than 2 business days following the delivery date, explaining the situation and reason for requesting the change, as well as attaching at least one photography of the product, in which the reason for the aforementioned change is appreciated when possible. In these cases, the shipment or collection (by the customer) of the correct product and in good condition will be scheduled, and at the time of delivery the incorrect and / or in poor condition product will be collected. Posdata asks the customer to place the product that arrived incorrectly and / or in poor condition carefully inside its original packaging, with all its components and parts.

Likewise, in the event of products that have arrived incorrectly and / or in poor condition, the return may be processed by means of the same route and request format by email, which will include the collection of the incorrect product and / or in poor condition by POSDATA, as well as the return of the amount paid.

Any error or oversight by the customer in the selection of product options, collection or shipping information are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the customer.