Posdata is a concept of healthy online confectionery that seeks to reinvent the concept of current sweets offering a healthy alternative to be able to eat rich and enjoy without worries

By trying them you will enjoy a unique, nutritious and delicious experience. At the same time we help take care of our planet thanks to the products and packaging we use, creating awareness for future generations dude how important it is to take care of what we eat and where we live.

Posdata was born as a result of seeing that most of the sweets were not healthy or the "healthy", vegan, vegetarian, sugar-free or gluten-free were made from refined industrial ingredients that did not add anything to the health, they were not appetizing or did not taste good in general. It started as a personal purpose to gain a better quality of life, eating healthy but at the same time richly. I felt bad when I ate a sweet because I knew it was not good for me because of everything I had and if I ate it then I felt bad for having eaten it ... Has it happened to you? So I spent hours thinking that it was not possible that the usual sweets did not exist but in a healthy version and since they did not exist I began to invent them!

With this idea comes Posdata, a healthy and inclusive pastry so that everyone can enjoy it without guilt! Offering vegan sweets without products of animal origin, gluten-free suitable for coeliacs, without refined sugars, without dairy products, without additives or dyes, only using real and natural products without process that benefit our health and are suitable for everyone: children, adults, foodies, athletes and sweet tooth!